Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amigos Y Bebas

I work in Downtown Seattle, in a very tall office building. My building is connected to another very tall office building across the street, via an underground tunnel. Between the two, there's 2 banks, a gym, a dry cleaner, a massage therapist, a post office, a mini-mart, an office supply store, a shoe shine stand, 2 Starbucks, a Tully's, and at least a couple dozen restaurants. The gym is actually in the other building, and is where I (try) to workout and swim. Afterwards, I reward myself with one of the few restaurants in the complex that involves leaving the building (sort of).

Bebas Y Amigos is an Asian-run Mexican restaurant that is on a terrace of the building my gym is in. The prices are really good, service is polite and quick, and the food (at least the 1 menu item I get every single time) feels light and healthy - the perfect after-workout lunch.

I always get the Veggie Taco (minus cheese & sour cream), which for $2.74, tax included, is a great price for a good serving. I never feel hungry after, nor overly full (like when I go to another favorite - Cafe Zum Zum).

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