Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Attic at Salish Lodge

This afternoon, Dan's parents came over and we all loaded into their car to head up to Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls for a night. Dan & I drew Don & Carolyn's names, but chance, in this past Christmas' gift exchange, so we pooled our resources and got them a gift certificate to the lodge (having enjoyed it immensely as a gift from my parents a couple years back). Don & Carolyn asked us to join them, which we had a hard time saying 'No' to.

After a little wine in our room, a vodka tonic in Dan's folks room, a little time in the sauna/steamroom/hot pools, we did some photographing of the falls and surrounding area. Taking all these close-ups of food has made me a little addicted to the macro feature on our camera, so I was busy snapping shots of lichen while Dan took shots of the falls.

Afterwards, we all met up again and headed up to the 'Attic' - a dining room on the top floor of the lodge that offers a more casual attitude, but still delivers high quality meals with great presentation.

Things began innocently enough with some beers, wine, bread and butter.

Then, as a starter, Dan & I shared the ahi tuna ni├žoise salad, which was almost too beautiful to eat, paired with bright green beans set against the red ahi.

Dan's entree was roasted pork loin with rosemary potatoes, which his father also ordered. His Mom ordered a steak, which was reportedly delicious, but so big that she was trying to get everyone else to help her finish it.

My entree was a dungeness crab cake sandwich, which (unbeknownst to me) came served with my favorite spice - bacon.

Which came with a ridiculous portion of wonderfully presented, and perfectly crispy pomme frites. The presentation was enough to drive everyone at the table to sneak a couple fries.

For dessert, Dan & I shared a pineapple torte with caramel gelato.

And when we returned to the room, our bed had been 'turned down', and two chocolates were left for us. They also laid the TV remote on the bed for us, as if they knew I'd be collapsing on the bed and watching 'Groomer Has It' until I descended into a food coma.

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