Friday, April 4, 2008

Elysian Fields for Denise's Birthday

My big sister's birthday is today, and so we met up with her and my parents at Elysian Fields (in the Sodo/Pioneer Square area) for dinner.

We had been to the Elysian on Capitol Hill many times for family birthdays, and all enjoy the food and drinks, so my sister suggested it for her birthday dinner. My folks had been at a motorcycle show and had lunch at the more upscale Elysian Fields, so they suggested it as an alternative. The place was really big, almost empty and perfect for us. We tend to sit and talk long after the meal is through, and in more busy places I think the staff would sometimes like to free up the table. But at Elysian Fields we basically had a whole section to ourselves, and could enjoy talking and joking together as long as we wanted.

I had some halibut over leeks with a tomato sauce, which was straightforward and executed well, I thought. Dan had roasted chicken, which was apparently really good, because he commented several times how great it was as we walked to the car.

Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures :(

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