Sunday, April 6, 2008

Luau for Lunch

After a little sticker shock today at EE Robbins (shopping for our wedding bands), Dan & I went to our happy place - The Hawai'i General Store in Wallingford. We picked up a few small items, chatted with the staff, and then headed to Greenlake for another dose of Aloha at Luau.

Luau has Happy Hour prices on Pina Coladas, Mai Tais, and a bunch of their menu items on weekends from 12-6pm, so we took advantage of the great prices for great food & drinks. Our last trip to Luau was for Valentine's Day, which was a lot of fun (the pupu is on fire!!!), but we hadn't seen the friendly server we had today in a while, which she commented on when we sat down.

Luau, true to the Aloha spirit, is staffed by really friendly people. In fact, come to think of it, that's been my experience with the staff of Hula Hula, The Islander, and Kona Kitchen, too. Must be something about working in a Hawaiian restaurant, or something about the type of people who choose to work in a Hawaiian restaurant.

For our lunches, I chose the BLTA and Dan had the burger - both menu staples, but items we hadn't yet tried out (Dan hopes to try everything on the menu eventually). Both were generously portioned, served beautifully on a ti leaf in a bamboo steamer, and accompanied by their mac salad - which is light on the mayo and features shrimp. They also both featured bacon (it's a spice!), which was perfectly cooked. We both really liked our cocktails and our lunches, and it helped us forget about the $1300 (each) price tag on the rings we liked.

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