Friday, May 16, 2008


Tonight we headed over to our old stomping grounds, Capitol Hill, to meet up with our friends Jason & Jayson for some dinner and to see a play called 'S2' that our pal Spencer is performing in.

A lot has changed in the short time since we moved away, including the opening of what seems like an endless variety of new bars and restaurants. Included in those is BOOM noodle, a Pan-Asian noodle restaurant from (reportedly) the folks behind Blue C Sushi. Like a number of other restaurants of late, it capitalizes on the trend of communal seating arrangements to maximize how many people they can fit in the space.

Communal seating can have a bit of a cafeteria vibe to it (as well as make me too easily distracted), but we ended up with our own table because it wasn't a particularly busy night.

We started with some cocktails. I tried a Yuzu vodka concoction with a sugar rim, and Dan sipped a Mojito. My sugar rim ended up making my fingers all sticky, but the drink was good.

We had some chicken skewers as a starter, and of course noodles as a main course. I ordered the Wasabi Soba, and Dan got the Beef Yakisoba. I don't recall what Jason got, but Jayson ordered the unforgettably colored Roasted Red Beet Soba.

It had been a long time since we'd seen 'The Ja(y)sons', and it was great to catch up a bit, and venture to my first theater experience in a LONG time together with good friends.

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