Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Tonight Dan met up with me downtown after work, and we went over to Macy's to pick up the suits we'll be wearing at our wedding next month in Hawai'i. I'll be wearing black (of course), while Dan will be sporting a camel suit.

After getting our suits, and blowing a bit of the gift card Dan's work gave us as a wedding gift, we wandered over to one of the few Hawaiian restaurants in town we hadn't yet tried out: 'Ohana.

'Ohana means family in Hawaiian - but in a more broad sense than we usually think of family here on the mainland. It includes extended family and those close friends who become part of our family through shared connections and love. It reflects that amazing Hawaiian spirit of Aloha - the sharing of your life and love with all you encounter.

Thinking about Aloha while I write this makes me realize how similar it is to the concept in Buddhism of Mettā (loving-kindness). Loving-kindness is the cultivation of peace and love to yourself, your loved ones, your friends, your teachers, your strangers, your enemies, and ultimately to all beings.

But I digress...

Our dinner at 'Ohana started with some coconut shrimp, served with a sweet dipping sauce.

And then we shared a few types of sushi, including our favorites: spicy tuna roll and spider roll. I always take the end pieces, because Dan prefers the pieces that don't have stuff hanging out, and I kinda like the challenge of stuffing all those crab legs and things into my mouth.

And of course we had to try their Mai Tais, which didn't alter our existing ranking of the best in Seattle (Luau being at the top of the list).

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