Thursday, January 8, 2009

Necessity is the Mother of Invention...

Once again, tonight our dinner plans were thwarted. The leftover prime rib we'd frozen after Christmas was still a frozen block, so we couldn't yet turn them into carne asada tacos... but we will.

So instead, we did a little improvisation. We pulled the last two tamales we received from Anna, Jason, and Otis out of the freezer, put them in a metal steamer, and put them over some simmering water to steam for 25 minutes. Dan grated a couple types of cheddar cheese (some chipotle cheddar and some sharp), and I devised a plan. When the tamales were about half done, I put two small corn tortillas in a medium-low skillet, piled them each up with cheese, and topped them with another corn tortilla. Once the cheese had mostly melted, I turned the heat up a bit, got some of the cheese oil on the pan, and flipped them to get them brown on both sides. Meanwhile, I used some leftover guacamole, some heavy cream, a little lime juice and some salt, and whipped up an avocado cream. When everything was done, I placed the mini quesadillas on the plates, topped them each with a tamale, covered them in some salsa verde (also from A, J, and O), and put a generous dollop of the avocado cream on top. Then I squirted some Sriracha around the outside, to give us each an option to make each bite spicy or not.

I think it turned out great, though I was a little heavy handed with the salt in the avocado cream, and could've been a little more heavy handed with the lime juice. That's definitely a condiment I'll be making again sometime.

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