Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bahama Breeze Double-Date

Tonight, Ruth & Paul came by and picked us up for a double-date at Bahama Breeze. Despite economic downturn in the US, the place was packed. We called ahead to get our name on the list, but somehow that didn't happen - but the hostess believed us and got us in line where we would've been.

We waited in the bar and enjoyed a round of drinks courtesy of our great bartender, Chris. He even did a little flair bartending work for us, and squeezed fresh sugar cane juice for Dan's Mojito. I went with the Bahamarita, Ruth had a Pina Colada, and Paul sipped a Corona.

After being seated, we ordered a plate of coconut shrimp as an appetizer, which were fully butterflied and paired with a mustardy dipping sauce. Then for entrees I went with my usual: Salmon Tostada Salad, while Paul had the Jamaican Chicken, Ruth went for Pan Seared Tilapia, and Dan tried out a Pork dish with creamed spinach on top. Everyone was really pleased with our food, and the service was good - despite some huge groups that required a lot of attention.

It was fun to 'escape' the city for a little faux vacation in Tukwila at Bahama Breeze. I can't wait until the light rail opens and we can just grab a train down anytime we please. And it was wonderful to spend the evening with Ruth and Paul. I'm so happy Ruth's reunited with Paul, and that they're both in our lives. They both make me laugh, think, and inspire me to be a better person.

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