Friday, June 5, 2009

Frugal Fridays: Breakfast Edition

One stop before I get off the bus each morning is on the odd little streat, Prefontaine. I'm usually nose down into a book, but noticed the other day a sign near the bus stop that read '$2.95 Breakfast Served All Day'.

It turned out the breakfast special is part of the menu of Season's Cafe - a little deli at the corner where 3rd & Yesler & Prefontaine all meet. The menu is largely Asian (from kung pao chicken & fried rice, to teriyaki & california rolls), but for breakfast you can get a bagel, english muffin or croissant topped with egg and cheese and your choice of bacon, ham or sausage (or avocado for an extra 20 cents) - all for just $2.95 plus tax ($3.25 after tax). Add a piece of fruit and I'd dare say that would make a great lunch... or breakfast.

(Frugal Fridays is a weekly series dedicated to finding Seattle lunch spots where you can walk in with a $5 bill and walk out with a fulfilling, preferably healthy, lunch. If you have suggestions of places in the Seattle area with a great lunch for under $5 after tax, post a comment - I'd love the help.)

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