Friday, June 12, 2009

Frugal Fridays: Goes Hollywood!

For this Frugal Friday, I intended to swing by one of my favorite lunch spots, grab something other than my usual fare, and write about that. But when I got to Cafe Zum Zum, I was startled that the prices had been raised somewhat significantly. The special is still just $3.99, but other menu items looked to have jumped in price.

So instead of an oversized takeaway container filled with lentils and rice, I wandered over to another lunch spot nestled in the Food Court at 3rd and Marion St: Hollywood Burgers.

Anything beyond a basic burger is over $5 with tax (the cheeseburger is $4.75 pre-tax), so that's what I went for. Their basic burger is their namesake - the Hollywood Burger, and comes with a respectable array of condiments, including lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, and "Hollywood's Sauce", all for $4.39 after tax. I walked back to my office with my bag o' burger, noting that it felt a bit light and worrying that it would be more akin to a slider in size, and anxious that the condiments would be sad.

But I was happily surprised when I pulled a decent sized burger, with a good amount of lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and sauce on board. It wasn't overly greasy for a fast-food burger, and was plenty of food for lunch. Fries or a milkshake would've pushed it way over the top, and I didn't miss the cheese at all. All my fears were for not, and once again I learned that you really can get a decent lunch for $5.

(Frugal Fridays is a weekly series dedicated to finding Seattle lunch spots where you can walk in with a $5 bill and walk out with a fulfilling, preferably healthy, lunch. If you have suggestions of places in the Seattle area with a great lunch for under $5 after tax, post a comment - I'd love the help.)

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