Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hawai'i Day Eight: Char Sui Sliders & Luquin's

Today was our first full day here at Lagoon Shangrila, and with no agenda, we just spent time enjoying the features of the house. Reading in the sun, hot tubbing, and swimming with the koi & tilapia in the front yard pond.

When we got hungry for some lunch, I cut up some Char Sui (Chinese sweet pork) from Lee's Chop Suey, Inc. back in Hilo, and put it on some Hawaiian sweet bread (not to be confused with sweetbreads) to make little sliders. With that, we had some pre-made ahi poke that we picked up at the market yesterday.

And when dinner rolled around, we decided to head into Pahoa and eat at Luquin's - a great Mexican place right in the center of town.

Although we didn't go for them this time, one of the great things about Luquin's is that they serve pitchers of margaritas in two sizes. Perfect for a group, or if you just want to get really smashed, I suppose. We didn't order pitchers, but we did have margaritas. Dan ordered a guava margarita with a salted rim, while I went for (no surprise) lilikoi with a li hing mui rim.

Luquin's also has a lot of vegetarian options on their menu that are really well executed. In past trips, that's been a great comfort to me, but this time I went for the tofu tacos just because I know they're so delicious.

They were out of Tamales today, so Dan ordered a combo plate with an enchilada and a crispy taco.

(Dan's writing all about our trip over at our other blog, The Dans In Hawai`i, so I'll just stick to writing what I know: food.)

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