Friday, August 7, 2009

Frugal Fridays: Quizno's Torpedo:

This week's Frugal Friday had me stumped at first, and I made my way over to a salad bar place called Chew Chew's, right next to Amigos over at the Municipal Tower. I took a gander at the selection at their salad bar, and decided it wasn't worth it - so I turned around and walked out the door. And that's when I saw the signs with the big "$2", "$3" and "$4" advertisements.

One bonus of the economic downturn is that restaurants catering to a lunch crowd are catching on that people don't really want to spend upwards of $10 bucks every day to eat - and are finding ways to create smaller, but still satisfying lunch options for under $5.

Quizno's is no exception, arguably leading the way with their $2 'Sammies' earlier this year. But now they've added two more under $5 price points to their menu: the $3 Bullet and the $4 Torpedo.

I opted for the Toasty Torpedo - a 15 inch long, slim Ciabatta roll sandwich for $4 (pre-tax; $4.40 after tax).

They have five varieties - Pesto Turkey; Italian; Turkey Club; Beef Bacon & Cheddar; and the Big Kahuna Tuna. All of them come with cheese, chopped lettuce, tomato, and condiments - plus the meat component.

I went for the Turkey Pesto, expecting it to be rather small for the price - but at 15 inches long, it's a filling sandwich. I wouldn't say it's overflowing with meat, but it's probably a more appropriate serving size than your average foot long sub, for sure, and had good flavor for the money.

(Frugal Fridays is a weekly series dedicated to finding Seattle lunch spots where you can walk in with a $5 bill and walk out with a fulfilling, preferably healthy, lunch. If you have suggestions of places in the Seattle area with a great lunch for under $5 after tax, post a comment - I'd love the help.)

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