Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Salmon with Greek Pasta

At the farmers market on Saturday, we decided to buy a whole pink salmon from Loki Fish Co. that was caught right here in the Puget Sound, for the bargain price of $10. I figured I could learn how to break it down, like I did when we bought whole chicken. How hard could it be?

Turns out, harder than I thought. I used Martha Stewart's Cooking School as my guide, but the instructions indicated that you had to work a little differently with round fish that have soft bones, like salmon - and all the pictures were of round fish with hard bones. So I only had text to work from, which is not the best method for me to learn. I'm a visual learner. My success with this project attests to that.

As you can see, I butchered the fish, and not in a good way. But it still resulted in big chunks of fish that I can cook, so no worries. That $10 fish is going to produce a lot of meals.

The first of those was our Salmon with Greek pasta tonight. We cooked up some radiatorre pasta, and tossed it with capers, kalamata olives, feta, mizithra, garlic & red peppers cooked down a bit, plus some yellow Summer squash from our garden.

I seasoned the salmon simply with salt and pepper, and cooked it in a pan with a little olive oil, and topped a bit of the pasta with the salmon. For leftovers, we broke up the remaining salmon into the pasta.

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