Sunday, December 27, 2009

Plaza Garcia Has Booze!

Shortly after moving to Seward Park, Dan & I checked out a little Mexican restaurant just down the street from us at Rainier Ave S and Othello St: Plaza Garcia.

The service was friendly and the food was generous and delicious, but (at the time) they didn't serve any alcohol (reportedly because the owners are Seventh Day Adventists). But we were told they had decided to apply for a liquor license because people so often want to drink a Corona or margarita while enjoying Mexican food. Dan & I fall in that category of folks, and promised we'd be back.

Each day on my walk home from the light rail, I'd pass by Plaza Garcia and look to see if the orange liquor license application posted in the door had come down. For a few weeks it remained up, then appeared to come down and get replaced by festive poinsettias painted on the doors, but I wasn't sure... until the Corona banner went up.

Still not sure if they had liquor or just beer, we walked down today and grabbed a booth to get some lunch (and a drink). They haven't added any specific information about the beer selection or cocktail options to the menu yet, so Dan asked and we went for some house margaritas - very strong, very inexpensive (under $5) house margaritas that kicked my butt! Despite chowing down on complimentary chips, salsa and pico de gallo, and eating a little over half my chicken quesadilla, I still got knocked for a loop by the margaritas. Dan's chimichanga plate seemed to bolster him more than my quesadillas, as he seemed unaffected.

Plaza Garcia is located at 7300 Rainier Ave S, right at the SW corner of Othello & Rainier, on the edge of Brighton & Seward Park. It's what I'd call a 'Family Mexican Restaurant', and has low prices, really friendly service, clean & comfortable seating, and (now) strong margaritas.

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