Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Brunch... & Dinner!

To solve the challenge of living close to all our family, my Mom devised a system for Dan & I to use to trade off Thanksgiving dinner between the two sides of our family. Because my Mom was born on Thanksgiving, she celebrates her birthday that day, so on the years that we're having dinner with Dan's family (like this year), we usually have Thanksgiving brunch with my family.

This year, my Mom hosted and made a brunch spread that definitely lived up to Thanksgiving's traditions of delicious food, and LOTS of it.

We had an eggs-benedict type dish of english muffins topped with bacon, coddled eggs, arugula, and a fresh salsa of tomatoes, onions, peppers and herbs. Standing in for the roasted turkey this year were yummy turkey sausages, and rolls were replaced by home-made cinnamon rolls.

And because every Thanksgiving meal (and birthday meal!) should end with dessert, my Mom went all out and made a pumpkin-banana meringue pie from scratch - right down to roasting sugar pumpkins to make the filling!

In the afternoon, Dan & I had to pack up and say goodbye to my family to head a little bit South to my husband's-sister's-husband's-sister's house.

Despite my full belly from brunch, I somehow packed in turkey and all the trimmings, plus a sampling of various desserts before we headed back home in the evening.

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