Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kauai Family Restaurant

Today was the 2nd Saturday of the month - which means the Aloha at Kauai Family Restaurant got kicked up a notch from 11am to 2pm thanks to the Kauai Family Singers.

Our friend Gary Medeiros, along with Auntie Manu Lono, Peter Tabali and other guest musicians filled the restaurant with the sounds of the islands, and plenty of laughter.

To make room for the equipment and musicians, the restaurant switches to 'luau seating', which just encourages even more community and conversation. Families, couples and individuals all filtered in, filling any free spaces up, sitting side by side with people who were strangers when they arrived but might just be friends when they leave. It's an experience not available many places here in Seattle, and it's well worth the trip down to Georgetown.

Dan & I headed down at noon to get some ono grindz, enjoy the music and friendship, and speak to Auntie Manu about blessing our house.

Dan ordered some chicken katsu with rice and mac salad

And I decided to get the chicken adobo - my first time trying the classic Filipino dish, which I enjoyed very much. I expected a much more vinegary taste, but wasn't too strong or sour.

We both enjoyed a Hawaiian Sun Liliko'i Iced Tea along with our lunch.

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