Monday, January 25, 2010

Party Leftovers - Kalua Pig Nachos

After reviewing what we had leftover from the party, we put together a meal plan for this week and ordered a few additional items to flesh out dinners for the week.

I forgot to put out guacamole we bought for the party (sorry!) and didn't get around to making the kalua pig sliders until almost everyone was gone (doubly sorry!), so we decided to put those together with some of the leftover salsa & tortilla chips and add some beans, cheese and olives to make Kalua pig nachos.

Note to future tiki bar guests: we still have Kalua pig and Hawaiian buns in the freezer, so be sure hit us up for some sliders when you come over. They only take a few minutes to make up, and will be one of the official bar foods of Ke Ala 'Ula (The Red Road) - our tiki bar.

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Michael said...

Aloha, I went to Hawaii last week and while I was on the plane (Hawaiian Airlines), a chef from the Haliimaile General Store (Bev Gannon?) cooked red curry with Kalua pig. I was thinking of trying it next time.

You can check out pictures of my trip to Hawaii on my blog at:

Kalua pig nachos sounds interesting. Its kind of like an all purpose meat... I'm sure it would be great on pizza too.