Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's a La Croix, Sweetie

Dan & I (but mostly Dan) are addicted to Lemon-Lime 'Big K', the store brand canned seltzer water at QFC. It was super convenient when we lived just 6 blocks from the McClellan QFC - but now it takes special trips to get our fix.

So in the interest of reducing trips, Dan ordered a case of the closest thing he could find on AmazonFresh: La Croix Lime sparkling water.

We've tried to find acceptable alternatives in the past, but they're all either too lemony or too limey or not lemon-limey enough. Or they're too bubbly. Or not bubbly enough. Nothing holds a candle to Big K.

La Croix was another disappointment for Dan... but I've found I actually like it. Maybe it's the memories of Edie in her technicolor bodysuit, but I don't mind that La Croix is a little less bubbly and is all lime and no lemon.

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