Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hawaii Day 5: Snorkelfest

We got up early today to go on a Body Glove Snorkel cruise in hopes of swimming with dolphins. We did see dolphins, though not while snorkeling. Regardless, it was a great trip and I got to try out 'power diving' - a hybrid of snorkeling and SCUBA diving, where you're weighted down and using a regulator, but are connected to a air supply at the surface of the water. I would definitely recommend it to anyone very comfortable snorkeling but not quite ready for SCUBA. Getting down below the surface opened up a whole new world, and now I'm eager to get certified.

Besides snorkeling and power diving, the cruise had a full (no host) bar, fruit and pastries at breakfast, and a sandwich bar for an early lunch. I made myself a turkey-provolone sandwich.

After the cruise and a little recovery time, we drove over to the Kona Brewing Co. and had some beer and pizza.

We opted to make up our own pizza, with Kalua pig, roasted red peppers, and wild mushrooms. This filled us up and gave us the energy for our evening snorkel cruise - where we swam with manta rays after the sun went down, with Kona Honu Divers as our hosts. Another great group of people and an amazing experience I can't recommend enough.

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