Monday, March 22, 2010

Macnut Crusted Mahi Mahi w/ Spicy Mango Sauce

Dan got some big Mahi Mahi fillets from AmazonFresh this week, along with some mangos, and asked me to incorporate some macadamia nuts we had in the pantry.

I put some jasmine rice on to cook, then got to work on the sauce. The mangos were a little under-ripe, so I chopped just one of them and put the pieces in a blender with just enough pineapple juice to get them to blend well (maybe about a 1/4 cup?). In a saucepan, I melted one tablespoon of butter then strained the mango puree into it, bringing it to a boil while whisking periodically, then turning down the heat and letting it cook down (again whisking periodically). I tossed in a little salt and black pepper to taste, as well as a 1/2 teaspoon or so of crushed red pepper flakes, for some heat, and 1/4 tspn of ginger powder.

Next, I skinned the fish and divided it into 4 pieces, then dried them thoroughly. I whisked one whole egg in a bowl, and set that next to the stove. I put about 1/4 cup of macadamia nuts in a bag and smashed them with my meat pounder, then poured those in a pan and set next to the egg mixture. I put my large saute pan over medium heat with a tablespoon of macadamia nut oil in it. Once the oil was heated, I powdered each of the fish pieces in a little all purpose flour, dipped each in the egg mixture on both sides, then pressed one side into the mac nuts. Then each one went nut side down into the pan and I let them cook, covered, for about 3-5 minutes, until the nuts were browned, but not burnt. Mac nuts are a fatty nut, so they tend to burn easily at higher temperatures or if left too long. Once the nuts were browned, I flipped the fish and recovered, cooking until the flesh was opaque throughout - then served with the rice and sauce.

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