Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pizzeria Napoletana

Today I had a long overdue lunch with my good friend Leah, and she let me pick where we went. After their big opening day last week, I thought maybe things would've died down at the new Pizzeria Napoletana inside Caffe Vita at Prefontaine & South Washington, and we could enjoy a relaxing lunch and try out the new place.

The place was busy, but not packed, and Leah had grabbed a table right next to the pizza oven - which is tucked in a corner of the cafe. The menu consists of some antipasti, salads and 12 inch pizzas (the latter ranging in price from $7 to about 10). We settled on sharing one Margherita and one Sausage pizza.

Leah was mortified that the Margherita had only one sad sprig of basil in the center, which wasn't what either of us expected, and didn't hesitate to let the chefs know about it.

Perhaps I've never really thought much about what I like about pizza until now, but after our great meal at Stellar a couple weeks back I now realize I'm definitely not a Neapolitan style guy. It kinda reminds me of Domino's pizza (the OLD Domino's pizza): thin, greasy, and somehow simultaneously soggy and burnt.

Hopefully, despite this revelation, I'll remain fair-minded about pizza and appreciate that everyone likes their pizza a little different. As the website of Tutta Bella attests, "Each region has their own version and pizzas differ greatly from region to region." I don't think any style is necessarily better than any other, but now I realize I like some more than others... and Leah likes her Margherita pizza with basil on every slice.

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