Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fireside Cellars

A long while back, I couldn't resist a Living Social deal for a discounted rate at The Herbfarm - Woodinville's posh restaurant featuring ultra-locally sourced nine course meals. The deal expires in November, so Dan & I finally booked our reservation for tonight. Since the meal includes wine pairings, we also booked a night at the Willows Lodge - the adjacent hotel - so we wouldn't be driving after indulging.

When we arrived to check in, we found our room wasn't quite ready (though only after we were offered some wine to sip while they checked us in). Before we had a chance to say 'OK', they gave us a voucher for $15 to spend in the Fireside Cellars lounge, just off the hotel lobby - so that we could enjoy a bite to eat and a drink while we waited. I've never felt so pampered as a result of an inconvenience in my life.

Dan & I grabbed a table in the bar and ordered a couple drinks. I spotted the Grand Marnier Prawns on the menu (a signature of Chef Bobby Moore - an old friend), and we ordered that, along with a mini soft-shell crab po' boy sandwich.

The prawns were amazing, and the sandwich was a close runner-up. The sandwich came with delicious skinny little crispy fries, which I had to keep from gobbling down for fear that I'd spoil my appetite for things to come.

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