Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Joy Palace

Ever since I created a bunch of Foodspotting guides for South Seattle neighborhoods, I've been a little obsessed with checking out the many, MANY restaurants I discovered in our area. Of particular interest are the tons of restaurants clustered around the Othello Link Light Rail station, at Othello and MLK.

So for my birthday, Dan treated me to a night at Joy Palace - a gigantic Chinese restaurant at Graham & MLK that I'd read about.

When we arrived, we were about the only people there (except for one other couple who arrived just ahead of us). We took a table in the main dining room, with a good view of the many aquariums full of crabs, lobsters, eels and other critters destined to be dinner.

We stuck mainly with familiar favorites like BBQ pork, General Tsao's Chicken and Honey Walnut Prawns, but did start out with a Jellyfish salad - after enjoying a version of the same so much at Chiang's Gourmet.

The jellyfish didn't have the same fresh, bright flavor as the previous version we had, and the BBQ pork was a little lackluster, but overall the meal was "good not great" as Dan & I like to joke.

As we were finishing up, they brought over some warm tapioca pudding for us, which was a tasty way to end the meal. By this time, the place was starting to really fill up with huge parties, and a band was setting up on stage.

It definitely seemed like this place gets hopping in the evenings, and might be fun to check out sometime with a group.

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