Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Date Night at Pizzuto's

For our weekly Wednesday Date Night, we returned to the first place in our neighborhood that we visited when house hunting a little over a year ago: Pizzuto's Italian Cafe.

It's the kind of place that becomes like home - with familiar faces, food and drinks. In fact, folks were so comfortable tonight that when a toddler was making a lot of noise at one table, an elderly woman at the table next to us told him to hush. That got everyone smiling.

I stuck with my chianti, Roquefort dressing, and enjoyed the warm, house-made rolls - along with the comedy stylings of our waiter.

The only thing we mix up every time is the food we order - cuz the menu is huge and everything sounds so good. Dan went for a tortellini in a cream sauce (which was very tasty).

I couldn't resist that Cory (Pizzuto) is making his own sausage now, so I went for a dish starring that in a chunky, spicy red sauce. It was, as always, delicious.

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