Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hudson - Truckstop Diner, Grandma's House, Hipster Bar or Fancy Supper Club?

Although I failed to capture it on film, we spent Sunday doing some wine tasting with Ruth, Paul, Mark, Peter and Mathew - up in Snohomish - then had dinner at Stellar Pizza in Georgetown.

And Dan left his credit card there. So tonight we had to swing back down to Georgetown, and took the opportunity to grab some dinner at a new (to us) place: Hudson.

Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, attached to the old morgue, Hudson is an enigma worth visiting.

From the outside, it seemed a little like a truck stop, and once inside some of the clientele definitely continued that vibe. But they were joined by Georgetown hipsters, surrounded by decor that reminds me of a supper club. Fancy wallpaper is covered with old family pictures, with dim lighting and wood tables topped with candles.

The menu echoes the truck stop feel - with lots of comfort food favorites. But the execution of the menu is way beyond what I expected - my awesome chicken fried steak was paired with perfectly cooked fresh green beans (where I'd expected a sad veggie medley from a bag). Dan's open faced sandwich was equally delicious, and the local beers available to wash it down were great.

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