Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sazerac Happy Hour

Dan organized a little happy hour downtown after work tonight, with his sisters Midge & Lisa, and his folks. After our great experience on Veteran's Day, and based on Lisa's glowing recommendation, we hit up Sazerac.

It absolutely lived up to the hype, and since Midge, Carolyn & Don got their early, we had a comfy corner booth. Dan & I sipped the bar's namesake cocktail, and we all nibbled on some of their tasty bar food. The Crispy "Truffles" were amazing - little balls of mashed potatoes mixed with truffles and cheese, then deep fried (not exactly diet food).

Along with those, we had Bacon-Wrapped Medjhool Dates, mini Cheeseburgers (which were perfectly cooked and really great beef), some sweet potato fries, and a couple pizzas.

I enjoyed all the items I tried, but most of all the truffles. When you cut into them, the smell of truffle wafts up to your nostrils. Perfect for a cool winter night.

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