Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are Buckets of Margarita a Good Idea?

With just one day left before the winners of the Academy Awards are revealed, and Dan & I are a little behind thanks to Hilo, Hawaii not showing any of the nominees we haven't yet seen. So today was our last chance to catch one of the Best Picture Oscar possibilities... down at Renton Landing, of course.

Beforehand, we grabbed some lunch and a drink at Rock Wood Fired Pizza - a spot we'd never tried before, but heard good things from Dan's sister.

The 'Rock' in their name turns out to be a reference to their Ed Hardy-esque theme: lots of guitars and skulls as decor, and lots of 70's musical references on the menu.

I started things off with the most ridiculous thing I saw on the drink menu: The "Lovely Rita Bucket".

Literally a child's plastic bucket, complete with a plastic shovel, filled with margarita. Along with the Lava Lamp cocktail, the menu warns an individual can only order two of these booze buckets. It honestly didn't seem all that strong, but I could see how they might catch up with you quickly.

Despite the silliness of their margaritas, they do brew their own beer, and Dan gave their "Rock Steady Red" a try. He ordered a second, so I think it was good.

For his lunch, Dan went with the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich.

I chose the "Fly By Night" Chicken Sandwich, which was decent - though the proscuitto would fare better if cut into strips, so that you don't end up pulling the whole thing out with your first bite (along with the cheese that melted and cooled onto it).

Since we were going to a movie after, I went for a second margarita - though not another bucket. Instead, I went for the "Made to Rock Margarita" - a basic Cadillac Margarita.

I have to say I didn't get any of the musical references of the drinks or my sandwich. I had to Google them to find out my "Lovely Rita" bucket pays homage to The Beatles, my sandwich to a Rush song, and Dan's beer to Bad Company. The era of music likely explained the posse of 40 to 50-something men at the table behind us, who were doing shots and pre-funking before seeing "Hall Pass".

We stuck to True Grit - though Dan is REALLY excited about the upcoming Smurfs movie.

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