Friday, July 12, 2013

Food Truck Friday - Happy Grillmore

Although I still haven't tried any of their beef burgers (that sounds pretty heavy at lunch time), this week I'm showcasing the very colorful food truck Happy Grillmore.

Last year, I enjoyed their salmon burger - but honestly don't recall any details of how it tasted, though don't recall being disappointed. Their online menu says it includes 1/4 lb wild Alaskan salmon patty with honey chipotle aioli, spinach, arugula and a sweet and spicy pineapple slaw. I don't remember it being spicy hot.

This week, I tried to go again at their scheduled open time - 11am. I waited 15 minutes, and at 11:15 asked when they'd actually be opening. They said another 10-15 minutes, so I walked off to find something else. Lucky for them (but not me), I didn't find the other truck I was looking for (reportedly up by REI, but nowhere to be found), so I looped back and got in the line that had formed, now that Happy Grillmore was open. Service was pretty quick - though slower than it could be because they give you a choice of cheese, and (if ordering fries) a choice of dipping sauce, which delays each transaction.

But soon enough, our burger was up. I chose the "Shooter": 1/4 lb black bean chipotle patty with Tillamook cheese (I opted for pepper jack), spinach, arugula, roasted red pepper aioli and spicy mustard on a toasted ciabatta. I'm always nervous when burgers are served on ciabatta - not because I don't like ciabatta, but because restaurants often pick very big, thick ciabatta rolls that throw off the burger to bun ratio completely. This was no the case here, where the bun was well balanced and the veggie patty satisfying.

Although I can't say there was anything exceptional about either burger I tried, I would definitely go back to try other burgers... particularly if I could catch them on a weekend or evening, when I'm more in the mood for a beef burger. Of course, I've learned to not necessarily count on them to be open at 11, when I eat lunch (and they're scheduled to be open), so I'll have to play it by ear.

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