Friday, September 13, 2013

The Blind Cafe

Back in April, Dan & I hosted a round of our Memento supper club, and chose to focus on the sensation of taste, first dissecting it into it's components by tasting 'pure' tastes, then enjoying the 6 course meal we all prepared with that foundation in mind. Next month, our group will be exploring another sense - sound - with each course embodying a musical genre (we got Punk!).

I bring these up because the generous organizer of The Blind Cafe contacted me, to see if I'd be interested in checking out one of the unique meals they're offering this weekend (Sept 12-14). I'm unfortunately unable to attend, but wanted to spread the word about an experience you might not want to miss. (There's just one night remaining, and it conflicts with the first Guerrilla Masquerade Party I've hosted in 5 years, but you could always do both, right?)

The meal is presented completely in darkness, with blind waitstaff who not only care for your table's culinary needs, but also answer any questions about their experience. Along with food, live music is provided by the band Rosh & One Eye Glass Broken. The thought is that by removing the sense most of us rely so heavily on, you can really focus on the tastes and smells of the food, and the sound of the music. In their own words:

"The Blind CafĂ© does not try to perfectly recreate blindness. Instead, it allows people to interact, trust each other, and experience community in an entirely new way. In the dark, there are no uncomfortable glances, no self-consciousness about what you’re wearing or what you weigh, no distinction between the sighted and blind."

Tickets are $55 – $95 on a Sliding Scale.

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