Friday, May 30, 2014

Food Truck Friday - Papa Bois

This week, I had hoped to put together a post after visiting a new truck twice, but it just didn't happen, so I opted to post about one I visited once, but had two menu items, and am not in a big hurry to return to: Papa Bois Carribean Food Truck.

I tend to order specials, and today the Jerk Chicken Tacos ($8) were hand-written on the menu, so I gave it a go. I got two tacos with a cabbage slaw, mild jerk chicken, a creamy sauce and something crunchy that looked a little like pulverized pistachios or corn nuts. Each taco was on a single corn tortilla, which were soaked through by the time I got back to my desk to eat them, so they fell apart immediately. There was a little heat to the jerk seasoning, but certainly not the type of spice I suspect you get in Jamaica.

When I ordered the tacos, I got up-sold on the Black Bean Corn Salsa ($4), which reportedly went really well with the tacos. I can be a little overly susceptible to up-selling, and am also very put off by it. I don't like to haggle or argue, and after a lifetime of struggling with over-eating, I don't like someone pressuring me into eating more than I planned. But alas, I did.

The Salsa was just that - a simple mix of black beans, corn kernels, onion and a little bit of green pepper (not clear if it was bell pepper or something else). It had more flavor than I anticipated, but seemed superfluous. And pricey. $4 for a small tub of beans and corn.

Given the tacos fell apart, I was pressured during my customer experience, the prices were higher than comparable products elsewhere, and the food wasn't very memorable... and the fact that I have dozens more food trucks to try out... I likely won't be back to Papa Bois soon. If you had a different experience, or have a menu item you absolutely recommend, let me know!

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