Friday, June 6, 2014

Food Truck Friday - Now Make Me A Sandwich

This week, we finally feature a truck I see ALL the time - parked here in SLU, parked just off McLellan and Rainier in the evenings, and on the road between the two during my afternoon commute - the aggressively named, Viking emblazoned, Now Make Me A Sandwich.

On my first visit, I went for the Turkey Special ($9), which had sliced turkey with bacon, avocado, tomato, arugula and rosemary aioli. The bread was soft and a good ratio to the fillings, which were packed with flavor, particularly courtesy of the aioli and bacon. It was moderately messy, but held together to the last yummy bite. My only complaint was the amount of avocado, which was more along the lines of a smear of avocado than what I'd expected (sliced avocado).

I posed a question to the food truck email list at work and got a very strong recommendation for the ThanksGetting sandwich ($9).  It's essentially Thanksgiving all rolled into one easy to eat package, with bacon thrown in for good measure:  Sliced turkey, bacon, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, and rosemary aioli on a grilled Telera roll.

I worried the stuffing would have celery chunks, or that the gravy would make it terribly messy, but neither was the case.  A couple bites in and I could see why my coworker gets this sandwich every time.  It's delicious and complex and moist and conjours good memories.  It turns out Thanksgiving in June is pretty great.  I'll absolutely be back for this one again.

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