Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Golden Daisy Garden

Last night, my chronic headaches got the best of me, and of my fiance. He was so worried about me that he couldn't sleep, and ended up only getting 1 hour of rest at 5:30am, before having to get up for work. We had planned to have a friend over for dinner tonight, since she's moving back to Portland soon, but neither of us were capable of cooking and hosting, so we had to postpone.

In light of our condition, we ordered Chinese food to be delivered from a place up on the 'main drag' of Beacon Hill: Golden Daisy Garden. Perhaps it was my weakened state, but I strayed a bit from my normally pescetarian diet. We ordered Beef Chow Fun, General Tsao's Chicken, and Honey Walnut Prawns. I put some rice on to cook, and my fiance called the restaurant.

As always, the delivery was quick & polite, and the food was straightforward and tasty. I'm glad we have a non-pizza delivery option in our area. Other than in the University District, it seems difficult to find restaurants that deliver in Seattle.

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