Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spicy Marinara Shrimp Pasta

Dan is really great at coming up with dinner ideas, both by scouring through cookbooks, and from his own imagination. He came up with the idea of a Spicy Marinara Shrimp Pasta when we were doing meal planning, so tonight I turned his idea into reality.

I cooked up some chopped red bell pepper and red onion, until soft. I also put some red pepper marinara on the stove, and added a bunch of additional seasonings, including basil, oregano, parsley, and a bunch of dried red pepper flakes. Once the pepper and onion were softened, I threw in the shrimp, and poured the sauce into the skillet, and let it all cook until the shimp were nice and pink. Then we poured it over angelhair pasta.

I can be a little heavy handed with the hot sauces and spices, but this turned out just spicy enough to bite back, without requiring guzzling beer or milk to calm the fires.

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