Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sushi Katsu, Poi, and Tropical Bread Pudding

After moving away from Capitol Hill, and getting used to going to bed at 9pm every night, we've found it takes a little more effort to create opportunities to see friends. Since we love cooking, and we have a dining room table for the first time in our adult lives, having friends over for dinner is becoming a way we can enjoy time together without ending up out late.

Tonight we had a couple friends over to test out a new recipe, and talk a bit about our upcoming wedding in Hawai`i. My fiance has become something of an expert on Hawaiian culture and while I worked on dinner, the three of them talked about plans, things to do, history, and the like. I think it made us all more excited for June.

The meal itself consisted of some stir fried bok choy with sesame and mustard seeds, poi, and sushi katsu. We bought a FryDaddy just for the occasion! The sushi katsu was just simple maguro sushi rolls, breaded in a panko batter and deep fried. I'd had similar dishes at both Aloha Plates (inside the Uwajimaya grocery store) and at The Islander. The rolls turned out pretty tasty, but I think I can improve on the recipe next time. I think I cooked the rolls a bit long, which ended up cooking the tuna in the middle. So next time I need to just get them golden brown on the outside and pull them out. I also neglected to create a good dipping sauce to go with them, so I had to frantically pull out some soy sauce and mix up some wasabi at the last minute. But all in all it was good, and I'd make it again.

My fiance decided to tackle dessert, and found a 'Tropical Bread Pudding' recipe. I think the recipe was a bit off on timing, as we had to keep putting it back in the oven to try to get it to set up... but it was still delicious. And the company was great, so I can't complain.

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