Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tax Snax and Tex-Mex

Today was tax day for us. We set aside the day to get our 2007 taxes sorted out, with the plan to reward ourselves afterwards with some snacks and cocktails at Imperial Lanes. We had some trouble finding all the paperwork we needed, and I didn't get all the way through my return (thanks to a my schedule D being more confusing this year then last), but after about 4 hours of working on them, we decided to head down to the bowling alley anyway, to reward ourselves for what we did accomplish.

Imperial Lanes is just about 6 blocks down the hill from our house, so we just walked there. Unfortunately, our timing was bad, because the entire staff was in a meeting in the bar. So we couldn't sit in the bar, and we couldn't get a cocktail because the bartender was in the meeting. But despite all that, we still received the enthusiastic customer service we previously did. Two people came out when they saw us walk in, to see what they could help us with. The cook got us a couple menus, and when we were ready to order, he came back out and made us some mozzerella sticks and quesadillas. Since we wanted to try their 'big bowl' cocktails, we were hoping that the meeting would end while we ate, and we could watch some bowlers while sipping drinks, but the meeting was still going on so we paid up and headed out.

After a little yard work, we cleaned up and headed to West Seattle - a neighborhood just a quick drive across the bridge from us, but which we'd yet to explore. We decided to check out the Mission, a tex-mex place right on California. The decor was great, and the service was exceptional. But as our luck would have it, their oven was on the fritz, so some menu items were unavailable. For me, that just made it easier to decide what to have, since the menu was in essence shorter.

I went for the Sweet Potato tacos and my fiance had the Tamale special. And we both induldged in Cadillac margaritas.

Everything was great. Despite the restaurant being really full, we weren't left waiting for anything. We had water almost immediately after sitting down, then drink orders were taken and drinks delivered in no time. As we began sipping our margaritas, we placed our food order, and tool their suggestion to get some chips and salsa to start off with - which was also on the table almost immediately. Before we'd had more than a few chips, our food was brought over, too. And just as we finished our margaritas, our waitress was checking in if we wanted a second round. Prices were really reasonable, too. So good food, good ambiance, good service, and good prices. Can't go wrong with that.

I'm looking forward to checking out more restaurants on W. Seattle.

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