Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bacon Garden Burgers

Along with his lunch request for smoked salmon, wheat thins and rice a roni, Dan wanted bacon cheese burgers for dinner. He's finally feeling well enough for a little cheese, which is a good sign.

It sounds weird initially, but Dan & I both like our bacon burgers with garden burger patties. He eats beef, but finds the combination of bacon and a beef patty a little too heavy most of the time, whereas a garden burger is just perfect. And with pepper jack cheese, and guacamole, it's delicious!

Dan also craves chocolate pudding every time he gets sick, which I fortunately anticipated in my previous trip to the grocery store. What I didn't anticipate is that he wanted it prepared with cool whip and banana slices. But being the amazing man I am, I got him what he needed (and enjoyed a bit of the pudding, too).

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