Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Lunch Requests of a Sick Man

Although we made it out for the dinner party last night (courtesy of TheraFlu Daytime), Dan is still quite sick. In fact, we got home and he was running a mild fever. So the quest to keep him fed and happy continues.

While I worked in the yard today, Dan stayed on the couch, but kept busy thinking of ideas for lunch & dinner. When I got washed up, and cleaned up the kitchen a bit, he handed over the list and I headed down to the store to pick up more supplies.

I think sickness for many of us produces cravings akin to pregnancy, which results in meal plans such as today's lunch: Smoked Salmon with Wheat Thins, Blanched Broccoli with French Onion Dip, and Chicken flavored Rice A Roni (which was so steamy I couldn't get a good close-up). You may also notice a glass of orangish liquid in the photos, which is my big tall delicious glass of Airborne - an attempt at continuing to ward off this sickness.

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