Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cupcakes for Mary's Party

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, our neighbor Mary throws a big party every year and invites all her family and friends over. This year, we felt very honored to be included among that crowd, having only moved next door about 8 months ago. Mary is an amazing woman, and whenever I go outside to work in the yard, I secretly hope she'll come outside too, so we can distract ourselves from yard work with conversation.

Despite the drizzly weather, I got our front yard cleaned up and the last of the concrete moved to the backyard, to make sure her guests had plenty of parking space.

The party started at 4pm, but we didn't make it until a bit later since I was frantically getting something together to bring over. I had originally planned to do the margarita cupcakes again, but decided that being short on time (and going to a party with lots of kids), I should do something more straightforward. So I made cherry chip cupcakes with maraschino buttercream and a 1/2 a cherry on top.

The party was a great time, and it was so nice to meet more of Mary's family and friends. There were 4 generations of her family there, including her sister, her own children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The mix of people was really wonderful - from her friend Jimmy from Illinois who kept the margaritas flowing all day, to her son Wally and his biker friends, to her daughter's French former nanny and her musician husband - it was a diverse and really comfortable crowd. We found ourselves joking and laughing with everyone almost instantly.

And the food (which I failed to photograph) was great, too. Two big highlights were Wally's barbequed chicken (which I again strayed to enjoy), and Jimmy's orange cake, which he let us take a couple extra slices of home.

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