Friday, May 2, 2008

Stellar Food, Stellar Company

Tonight we planned to meet up with our friend Ruth at Kauai Family Restaurant, but discovered it closed at 7:30pm, which would've left us with very little time. So instead, we switched gears and met up at Stellar Pizza in Georgetown.

The place was packed, but it didn't take long to get a table. Dan & Ruth both ordered 1/2 pizzas (a very cool option), and I strayed a bit from my usual diet because I couldn't resist a buffalo chicken tenders sandwich with blue cheese sauce. Dan & Ruth went with beers, while I opted for my favorite cocktail at Stellar - the Nutty Lemonade. It's a mix of lemonade, Amaretto, and vodka, and it's perfectly refreshing.

It was great to see Ruth and catch up a bit. Unfortunately, her boyfriend Matthew had to have dental work done, so he wasn't able to join us.

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