Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pu Pu Overload

Although I wasn't feeling very well today (still), Dan & I had an appointment to meet up with my parents and a prospective DJ for the wedding reception my parents are throwing for us. The meeting was in Bellevue at 7:30, so we decided to grab dinner while over there.

And with our meeting spot (Starbucks) just a couple blocks from Trader Vic's, we couldn't resist.

Rather than get individual dishes, we went Pu Pu style, and ordered a variety of appetizers... far too many, it turns out. Ahi Poke with Taro Chips, Mai Tai Prawns, Crab Rangoon, Chicken Egg Rolls, and the biggest mound of Calamari I've ever seen - served with a delicious wasabi dipping sauce.

We also each had a Mai Tai, which were very good. And when our waiter saw me taking pictures of all the food, he graciously offered to snap a photo of us, too.

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