Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family BBQ w/ Mai Tai Cupcakes

As a little pre-Memorial Day celebration, we drove down to Dan's folks place in Kent and had dinner with them, Dan's sister Jennifer, her husband Matt, and their sons Blake & Milo.

Before dinner we played a cutthroat game of croquet, where I applied everything I learned from watching Heathers about a million times in high school, and somehow ended up winning (after everyone else picked each other off.

Since everyone else was partaking of some pork (which was reportedly AMAZING), Dan's Mom made up a special non-meat dish of scallops for me. Like the pork, they were cooked perfectly. We all enjoyed a salad courtesy of Jennifer, and some delicious potatoes.

After dinner, my contribution was my second attempt at mai tai cupcakes. This time around, I made a buttercream frosting, then drizzled the rum-laden icing over the cupcakes for the adults, and left it off for the kids. The buttercream definitely detracted from the flavor match to the cocktail, but made for a better looking cupcake.

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