Monday, May 26, 2008

La Cabana Memorial Day Lunch

After finally finishing the patio and benches (just a fire pit needed now to finish it off), Dan & I headed to one of our neighborhood Mexican restaurants for lunch - La Cabana. It was the first restaurant we tried when we moved to Beacon Hill, and one I'd been to years and years ago when a friend lived up here. But ever since our love affair with El Sombrero in Columbia City began, we've been neglecting it. Today was a perfect day to take a walk up to Beacon Ave and give Cabana a little love.

I went for a menu item I hadn't tried before, which was a vegetarian fajita. It sounded like a healthier option than the cheesy dishes who's siren song I can usually not resist, and I hoped it would be a better mid-day option than, say, a chimichanga. The portion was significant, and the food was pretty good. The best part (other than the always friendly service) was that in honor of Memorial Day, they put tiny American flags on every plate.

I also had a Tecate, which came in the can with a small glass.

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