Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pizza & Cookies with Mom

Dan's family also decided to do a Saturday Mom's Day event, so in the afternoon we returned to Wallingford to meet up with the Dembiczak clan for dinner.

Dan's sisters took his mom out all day for shopping, lunch, and spa treatments at Habitude, so a laid back dinner was right in line with a laid back day. After everyone arrived, and we had a chance to relax, chat, and give Carolyn presents, we ordered some pizza from Olympia. It'd been way too long since I'd had a slice of their pizza, which was a staple in our diet before we moved to Beacon Hill. I forgot how good it is. I particularly love the perfectly browned cheese on top. Yum!

Dan's sister Lisa took charge of dessert, but forgot she'd be spa'ing and shopping all day, and would've have much time. So she grabbed some cookies and cupcakes - which turned out to be the perfect light dessert after pizza.

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