Saturday, May 10, 2008

Me & Mom at the Zoo

At 9:30am today, we met up with my sister, her husband, and my parents for a day at the zoo to celebrate Mother's Day. (My sister's husband is busy tomorrow, so we're celebrating early).

We spent a few hours walking about the zoo, enjoying the new exhibits and the thankfully good weather.

When my Dad's blood sugar started to plummet in the Day & Night exhibit, and he had to run out to the car to get some candy to eat, we knew it was time to wrap things up and head to lunch.

Dan & I suggested a few placed in Wallingford, and we settled on May - a Thai place right on 45th that was featured in Seattle magazine, and recommended by Dan's sister Midge.

My folks both ordered the Phad Thai, while I got a dish I'd never had before that involved jasmine rice, tofu, a fried egg, and green beans. Dan got a red curry with chicken, and I can't recall what my sister ordered. My brother in law chose not to join us for lunch, as he wanted to stay at the zoo and take more pictures.

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