Friday, May 9, 2008

Lisa's Last Day at Work

One year ago, I submitted a referral at work for my future sister-in-law, Lisa. She had just finished paralegal school, and was looking for a entry level role in the legal field. I was so happy she got the job, and hopeful that she'd like working there as much as I do.

Unfortunately, things didn't turn out that way.

After a year, today marked the last day for Lisa at the big (former) hospital on the hill, and the beginning of a nice long vacation, which will include going to Hawai'i with us for our wedding. We met up at Luau with some of her friends and family to have some tropical cocktails and island food. I had the rock shrimp tacos (yummy!) and a couple pina coladas, and Dan had the fried rice with sausage. Sadly, my camera battery ran out as I tried to snap photos of my food, which was served in a big bamboo steamer, but the camera battery was toast.

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