Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wedding Shower and Sonrisa

Today I took a few hours off work to head over to Dan's work, for a Wedding Shower! His department has a tradition of throwing a wedding shower for anyone in the department getting married. It was really great to get to finally meet so many of the people Dan works with, and put names to the faces of those people I hear about helping him on certain projects or covering for him when he's out of town. They had food, and a beautiful cake, and even got us presents! It was all so incredibly generous and unexpected.

And after the official event, a group of us drove down to Sonrisa, in University Village, for some cocktails and snacks. We were lucky enough to grab an area out on the patio, and took advantage of the sunny afternoon as we sipped margaritas, did tequila shots, and devoured some delicious happy hour appetizers, including...

Queso Fundido (which I ordered because I know Dan likes it, and I love the name)

2 orders of Shrimp Cakes


Chips & Guacamole, with Plantain chips, too!

And the hands-down star of the Sonrisa appetizer menu: Chipotle Cheese Dip - a brie-esque shaped wedge of spicy cheese spread, served with plantain chips that everyone seemed to really love.

Dan & I both had a great time, and I particularly enjoyed hearing a little shop talk from everyone, to get a better idea of what Dan does all day.

On the way home, Dan was still a bit hungry, so we grabbed some low-rent mexican food at our favorite fast food place: Taco Time.

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