Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bahama Breeze

Dan & I both love our chain restaurants. Plenty of people wouldn't be caught dead in a Red Robin or an Olive Garden, but we enjoy them. The staff is usually really attentive, the quality of the food is pretty consistent, and there's a comforting aspect to them - particularly for a couple guys who grew up in the suburbs. Maybe it's because going to the big chain restaurants when we were kids meant something special was happening, or maybe we just don't care what people think anymore.

Today we drove down to Tukwila to go to Bahama Breeze. It was a perfect little dose of the Tropics to help get us even more excited for our upcoming vacation in Hawai'i. While there, I overheard a woman at a table near us say how perfect her drink was. She was truly happy, and genuinely grateful for the quality of her drink and the service she was getting. It was refreshing to see someone unashamed to be honestly joyful, and it made me happy to witness it. It was like a little Aloha spirit right in Tukwila.

For lunch, Dan got a grilled chicken dish with cheese and bacon, with rosemary mashed potatoes and veggies It was reportedly delicious. I got what I usually get (yes, we go to Bahama Breeze often enough that I have a regular dish) - the salmon tostada, which is really more of a salad, and also really good.

We also enjoyed a couple cocktails. Dan got the Mojito (which includes a real sugar cane stir stick) and I got the Bahamarita. They make it with a blend of kiwi, strawberry, and mango slushie, and this time they gave me my tequila in a big shot on the side (hanging on the side of the glass). It's a little bit of a girlie drink, but I like girlie drinks.

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