Friday, June 6, 2008


Before moving to Beacon Hill, I was warned it was a bit of a dead zone in terms of food delivery. Up until tonight, we stuck with Domino's (never again), Pizza Hut, and Golden Daisy Garden. But we received a flier in the mail for a new Italian place called 'Ti Amo Pizza & Pasta' that delivers to our neck of the woods, so we decided to try it out. Dan also quickly noticed that the restaurant appears to be affiliated in some way with our old Capitol Hill favorite, Palermo. The menu is really similar, though not identical. Whatever the story, we were delighted to have the option of good pizza and calzones and salads and sandwiches delivered when we're too lazy/busy to cook for ourselves. With all the planning for the wedding, and a desire to not buy any more food that might go bad, we're definitely planning for a lot of takeout and delivery in the coming week.

Ti Amo delivered in terms of service and taste, and we'll definitely be ordering from them again. I ordered the Altramesco calzone, which is filled with ricotta, artichoke hearts, fresh garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto. It was shockingly similar (read: identical) to the Antipesto calzone from Palermo - but I'm not complaining. Both are golden brown and delicious, not to mention HUGE. That's half of it on my plate, along side some yummy mozzarella sticks we couldn't resist ordering.

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