Thursday, June 5, 2008

Golden Daisy Garden

Even though we pigged out a bit on snacks at the social at my work, we grabbed some Chinese food on the way home from Beacon Hill's sketchy looking, yet yummy Chinese restaurant - the Golden Daisy Garden.

It has the look of a place in transition - as if maybe their lease is up so things are being moved out slowly. But the service is friendly, fast, and they even deliver. Since we were already passing by, we decided to do take-out instead, so we wandered the 'hood a bit while we waited for our food. I wanted to check out the ABC Supermarket on the corner, but it had just closed. Instead, we walked around the block, cutting through the alley behind Culinary Communion to get a peak at the back side - which has an impressive ventilation system.

As we turned the corner back to the main street, all sorts of emergency vehicles were descending on an apartment building across the street. From all we could tell, someone tripped the fire alarm - or caused a small fire - 'cuz two fire trucks responded (in addition to ambulances, etc). We stood outside and watched, as did the waiter/host of the restaurant.

Soon after the 'fire' was under control, our food was ready, and we headed home to enjoy some General Tso's Chicken and Honey Walnut Prawns.

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