Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Social Shower

Today was the last 'Thursday Social' before Dan & I head to Hawai'i for our wedding, so I invited him to come to my work to meet my coworkers, which turned it into a bit of a wedding shower. Ally came with two bottles of really delicious champagne, which she featured at her wedding not that long ago.

Anne brought a variation on the 'working girl's snack' Yarrow has made famous in our team, swapping out the soy sauce for some jalapeno relish on the cream cheese. And she brought a couple little hula dancer spreaders as an homage to our wedding.

Jae brought some delicious cheese and grapes to add to the feast.

And David raced down to Uwajimaya to pick up some sashimi to share.

We all had a great time - and the turnout was bigger than usual, too. I was happy Dan got to meet the people I spend so much of my time away from him, with.

And on the way home, we saw a rainbow!

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